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Subscribe for more: Watch more “What The Heck Are You Eating”: In this weeks What The Heck Are You Eating, created and hosted by Joy Bauer, Joy shares the inside scoop on Hot Sauce. Ever wondered if the popular condiment of healthy or not? Find out now! What The Heck Are You Eating? With Joy Bauer Joy Bauer, the resident nutrition expert for NBCs Today show, knows how and what Americans like to eat. On What The Heck are You Eating Joy embarks on a myth-busting mission to inspire her audience to think differently about food. Join us each Wednesday at 1pm EST for nutrition tips, alternative cuisine choices, great recipes and more! Joy Bauer Joy Bauer provides health, food and diet-related information to millions of users as a contributor to and the Today Show. Her mission is to improve the health of our nation. Her weekly show, “What the Heck are you Eating?” will premiere on Everyday Healths YouTube channel. Joys official website,, and her mobile application are both published by Everyday Health. Joy Bauer Facebook: Twitter: Everyday Health is your No. 1 resource for health and wellness advice. We make it fun and easy to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. Subscribe now and start feeling better aE” every day. EveryDay Health Like: Follow: Pinterest: Tumblr: Hot Sauce I What The Heck Are You Eating | Feat. Joy Bauer I Everyday Health

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21 Responses to “Hot Sauce I What The Heck Are You Eating | Feat. Joy Bauer I Everyday Health”

  1. AlishaThomas112 Reply


  2. Penelope Lassiter Reply

    This actually really suprised me!

  3. fr3shaz1miz Reply

    for once she doesnt make me feel horrible for eating something

  4. famatik1 Reply

    any smaller product in general are more in flavor, that is why i dislike

  5. FunkyTheNoob Reply

    So, she loves it Big

  6. Laughingabbz Reply

    I love these videos! :)

  7. Lotusmoon21 Reply

    Store purchased hot sauce has a lot of MSG Monosodium glutamate and salt in it

  8. joyjoyooO Reply

    Just had dumplings with saricha sauce :)

  9. Petep623 Reply

    The smaller the better? I’m in luck!

  10. girlofsummer22 Reply

    you should do a video on flour or flavorless oil,which are the healthier!

  11. SamTheSpiceLife Reply

    Good to know! I’ll keep doing what I’m doing…..

  12. jessica6m Reply

    thats funny cause today I ate hotsauce on my spinach Yay :)

  13. lisalovello Reply


  14. Ivan Mateo Reply

    OMG i totally love hot sauce and chilies. This is awesome

  15. SmileySandberg1 Reply

    It looks like a person swallowing a tampon…

  16. Fikisko Reply

    Just go to Mc Donalds everyday for a month. Their plastic food should be enough. I’m kidding! Actually I’m not. If you know an internet-gag "When you go to your grandma’ and once you leave you get fatter?"That’s in a way true.The older generations didn’t really care about their health(with sugar fat and calorie intakes).You should have some recipes that are relatively high in fat BUT you should only consume it once or twice per week. Give me your e-mail and I’ll send you some dishes we make. :)

  17. Fikisko Reply

    Hot sauce goes great w. Everything!!! :D

  18. bethanyfja Reply

    Cool, but if you wanna GAIN weight(?) ???? Please I can really appreciate alllllll the talking and talking and taliking about slimming down…….but what the hell about peeps like me wanna GAIN WEIGHT??? Please, for cryin out loud can you do a vid on how to gain weight please??? PRETTY PLEASE :( (( PLEASE, I would love, love, love to know. Thank you. Bethany, Amsterdam-Holland

  19. Fikisko Reply

    Finally another WTHAYE! :D Will Saturday be the regular time for new weekly episodes?

  20. uibai99 Reply

    YAY :D 

  21. HEROCHARMS Reply


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