Dairy-Free Cupcake Recipe (Recipe Rehab)

Chef Mareya and Chef Laura Vitale get sweet with everyones favorite treat: cupcakes. Watch how the chefs slash the calories without using any dairy. The best part? These cupcakes are so delicious you wont even miss the dairy! Subscribe to Everyday Health: www.youtube.com For more videos, visit the Everyday Health Channel on YouTube: www.youtube.com Check us out: www.everydayhealth.com Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter at: twitter.com Were on Pinterest: pinterest.com …And Tumblr! everydayhealth.tumblr.com Recipe Rehab: Celebrity and acclaimed chefs, including Laura Vitale, Jet Tila and Aida Mollenkamp compete in a head-to-head challenge to recreate a family-favorite dish, but with a healthy twist! Laura Vitale Laura is a self taught chef who teaches other how to make home-cooked meals with little effort. She appears on her own online show, Laura in the Kitchen and has been featured on the NBC Philadelphia morning show The 10! Show. Her show is designed to teach people with little kitchen experience how to cook. She has no formal education in the culinary arts and believes that makes it easier for her students to follow recipes. Since the launch of her show, she has become a staple on YouTube where she has made a name for herself in the culinary world. See More of Chef Laura: YOUTUBE: www.YouTube.comLauraintheKitchen WEBSITE: www.laurainthekitchen.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.comlaurainthekitchen TWITTER: @lauraskitchen Mareya Ibrahim Mareya <b>…<b>

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25 Responses to “Dairy-Free Cupcake Recipe (Recipe Rehab)”

  1. muncher541 Reply

    You obviously know nothing about stevia; It’s a natural sweetener extracted from the stevia plant. It’s definitely the healthiest sweetener out there, especially compared to sugar like what Laura used.

  2. lalalandxoxoxo13 Reply

    Loved Laura’s recipes

  3. nothlithawk777 Reply

    I loved your recipe with the added vegetables and the Stevia instead of sugar. I will definitely try it out!

  4. nothlithawk777 Reply

    Stevia is not an artificial sweetener. It is a natural sweetener extracted from the Stevia plant.

  5. Martina Smiles Reply

    I dont like Mareya at all. I like Laura better. She always seems to be happy and positive! You’re still the best for me laura! <3

  6. computersforidiots Reply

    stevia is am all-natural sweetener that tastes great!

  7. jageenperson Reply

    Sorry, but I don’t really like Marias attitude.. :S

  8. jageenperson Reply

    Laura Laura Laura!

  9. MsSuzGo Reply

    RI’m just now reading this thread and it seems like a bunch of 4th graders are commenting. ‘Eeeeew’ to veggies and an innovative recipe? Really! Don’t knock it until you try it and both chefs are on here because they know what they’re doing. Ya’ll should make an appearance. Show us what you got.. Way to go Laura and Mayera and I can’t wait to try the beet recipe.

  10. MsSuzGo Reply

    Both Chefs did great but my fave is Chef Mareya’s recipe! Beets and coconut? Yum! The kids in this clip looked very happy with the outcome. Cant wait to try it!! Share more recipes please!

  11. MsSuzGo Reply

    @Heather Pritchard  Agreed!! Well said.

  12. Heather Pritchard Reply

    Rehab, Mareya’s recipe went from over 500 calories to just over 300, that’s 30% less calories! It’s still a rehab people.

  13. Heather Pritchard Reply

    Stevia is not an artificial sweetener, it’s made from a plant and is considered one of the only natural sugar substitutes that’s often used in many natural health food products. Please educate yourselves before you criticize so harshly.

    As for the veggies, why not try it? It’s a brilliant way to get veggies into your diet, who would knock getting MORE vegetables into your diet and still getting a treat? AND your kids liking it?

  14. Jbsa1998 Reply

    Mareya’s pronouncing Stevia wrong lol its Steeeevia
    I’m going to try Lauras cupcakes. 122 calories per cupcakes??? Now I could have cupcakes everyday without the guilt!

  15. Enigma7861 Reply

    Why so many dislikes :(

  16. Diego Jimenez Reply

    Chef Mareyas Frosting Looks Like Crap.

  17. qupia Reply

    yeah I totally agree with you. and fake sugar wth is that

  18. H0tkebab Reply

    Stevia (Steviol Glycoside) is NOT an artificial sweetener, its derived from the Stevia herb.

    It is also known as sweetleaf, sweet leaf and sugarleaf. It is a fantastic diabetic (it does not raise blood sugars nor trigger insulin) alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It tastes 40 to 300 times sweeter than cane sugar, so you only need a little bit in your cooking.

  19. Nadzeshda Rozhkov Reply

    I really wish people were more educating in artificial sweeteners. What Chef Maraya used was STEVIA, not sweet ‘n low, not sucralose, not splenda!! Stevia is a natural sweetener that is actually good for you. Look it up folks!!

  20. Valerie Tran Reply

    Hey chef Mareya… FYI in the old days, beets were made into sugar.

  21. Elyanley Reply

    Before you say I am a Laura Fan – I like her, but I don’t mind than she looses. Why should I? ..but Vegetables in Cupcakes, Frosting with Cauliflower? And I LOVE Cauliflower, but not on my Cupcakes.
    If I want something sweet, I want it sweet. And Artificial Sugar is a huge No-No! Apart from that yes, one can get greater Appetit from it, some People just hate the Taste of it. I am one of them. It has an yucky aftertaste. But to be fair, Lauras wasn’t so much better, but at least she used Sugar

  22. EmoBiggachu Reply

    It looks like they put like, 10 times more chocolate chips then they should have in mareyas cupcakes.. ._.

  23. craftygirl2856 Reply

    Who uses cauliflower in frostin?

  24. Jesusloveseveryone22 Reply

    i know why there are so many dislikes on this vid…

  25. ChocoFreak989 Reply

    I’d never eat mareya’s cupcake. It look disgusting and cauliflower and beetroot? These kids have baaaaad taste. You go Laura!

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