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Subscribe for more: full.sc Watch more of this show: full.sc This week on a special Halloween edition of Recipe Rehab, the chefs are challenged by the Jones family to rehab their pumpkin bar recipe. Its the family tradition to make these treats together every Halloween, so they want to make sure they are eating a healthy recipe. One Chef plans to utilize apple sauce instead of sugar to bake, but will the Jones family like her sugarless recipe? Tune in to find out which rehabbed recipe will be a hit with the family! Recipe Rehab: Celebrity and acclaimed chefs, including Laura Vitale, Calvin Harris, Candice Kumai, Govind Armstrong, Mareya Ibrahim, Spike Mendelsohn, and Tana Amen compete in a head-to-head challenge to recreate a family-favorite dish, but with a healthy twist! Laura Vitale: Internet sensation Laura Vitale moved to the United States when she was 12 years old. As a teenager, she developed her love for cooking from her Italian grandmother, learning many of the recipes for classic Italian dishes over the phone. She began working in her fathers restaurants, but after they closed in 2008, she wanted to find a new way to continue to share her passion for cooking. In 2010, Laura began a new phase of her culinary career and started her internet cooking series “Laura in the Kitchen.” The series quickly became a hit and now boasts an audience of several million, making Laura a well-known name in the online cooking community. See More of Chef Laura: YOUTUBE: full.sc <b>…<b>

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10 Responses to “Halloween Pumpkin Bars I Recipe Rehab I Everyday Health”

  1. timidemerald Reply

    will you ever upload a text version of the recipe (maybe after it’s done airing)? I really want to add these to my recipe book :D

  2. EverydayHealth Reply

    We will upload two behind-the-scenes episodes tomorrow, but the full show won’t be uploaded. Sorry you can’t see, so glad you’re enjoying it!

  3. MsMissSunday Reply

    will it be uploaded here as well? :) I don’t live in the US, but I’d love to see this episode

  4. EverydayHealth Reply

    This will be on your local ABC station on Saturday morning.

  5. JuliaPhillies31 Reply

    when will this be on?

  6. BreMontez Reply

    yeeeees!!!! LAURA VITALE!

  7. 1cherryhenderson Reply

    I want to know how to make the original pumpkin bars. Looks tasty.

  8. Katrina Conlan Reply

    Can’t wait to watch!

  9. yreana Reply

    Laura Vitale! :)

    i was hoping this was the full episode!!!

  10. brittany23lc Reply

    The grandmother was more concerned about the flavor than her pre-diabetic daughter???

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