Laura Vitale’s Lighter Potatoes au Gratin I Recipe Rehab I Everyday Health

Subscribe for more: Watch more of this show: Chef Laura Vitale prepares her special recipe for potato au gratin or scalloped potatoes. Using healthy ingredients, she starts by making the sauce. When the sauce is ready, she peels and cuts the potatoes and begins to layer them into a baking dish. Finally Laura covers the dish with aluminum foil and bakes them in the oven before removing the foil and adding low-fat cheese to then put the dish back in the oven. The outcome is a golden brown dish that you will love! Recipe Rehab: Celebrity and acclaimed chefs, including Laura Vitale, Calvin Harris, Candice Kumai, Govind Armstrong, Mareya Ibrahim, Spike Mendelsohn, and Tana Amen compete in a head-to-head challenge to recreate a family-favorite dish, but with a healthy twist! Everyday Health is your No. 1 resource for health and wellness advice. We make it fun and easy to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. Subscribe now and start feeling better — every day. EveryDay Health: Like: Follow: Pinterest: Laura Vitales Lighter Scalloped Potatoes I Recipe Rehab I Everyday Health

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  1. EmilyOwl101 Reply

    Al-ah-min-yum. XD HA, HA. Cute. Like the accent. :)

  2. pinkshimmergrl Reply

    was anyone else’s favorite part the way he said aluminum?

  3. Victoria P Reply

    Check their website, all the info is there

  4. skyahmad Reply

    How many servings is the dish? The calories at the end is it per serving or per 100gm of gratin?

  5. raptorak1 Reply

    Choose your accent bro.

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