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Subscribe for more: Watch more of this show: Chef Daniel changes up the trifle with a few simple tricks. He uses fat-free pudding, store bought meringues, non-fat Greek yogurt, some sugar and rasberries. Whats even better is the way he presents the dessert. Watch now for tips to woo guests at your next dinner party. Recipe Rehab: Celebrity and acclaimed chefs, including Laura Vitale, Jet Tila and Aida Mollenkamp compete in a head-to-head challenge to recreate a family-favorite dish, but with a healthy twist! Laura Vitale: Laura is a self taught chef who teaches other how to make home-cooked meals with little effort. She appears on her own online show, Laura in the Kitchen and has been featured on the NBC Philadelphia morning show The 10! Show. Her show is designed to teach people with little kitchen experience how to cook. She has no formal education in the culinary arts and believes that makes it easier for her students to follow recipes. Since the launch of her show, she has become a staple on YouTube where she has made a name for herself in the culinary world. See More of Chef Laura: YOUTUBE: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK TWITTER: Jet Tila: Jet TilaChef Jet grew up in his familys restaurant kitchens and markets in Los Angeles. Because of his upbringing, Jet decided to build a foundation for his passion and completed his culinary education at Le Cordon Bleu. Jet has appeared on Iron Chef America. He <b>…<b>

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  1. Ileana Profeanu Reply

    that is untrue, it only has natural aroma´╗┐ (vanilla), natural colorant (betacaroten) and corn starch in it :P .

  2. 21annie1aisla13 Reply

    fat free pudding is full of chemicals not really any healthier´╗┐

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