Show Me the Curry – Szechuan Green Beans | Recipe Rehab Talent Search

Recipe Rehab is looking for the next great YouTube chef to appear on our TV show, currently airing Saturday mornings on ABC. Watch as Hetal & Anuja of Show Me the Curry share a healthier version of a Asian classic! Do you think Hetal and Anuja have what it takes be the next Recipe Rehab chefs? LEAVE us a COMMENT below & share your thoughts. Check out more episodes of Recipe Rehab here: Check out more recipes from Show Me the Curry here:

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25 Responses to “Show Me the Curry – Szechuan Green Beans | Recipe Rehab Talent Search”

  1. yametzah12 Reply

    These two ladies teach the healthiest recipes on the ‘Net.

  2. TheSweetestVegan Reply

    They can make anything from anywhere, and they do it healthy.

  3. Jennifer Hiraldo Reply

    They are MY INDIAN/WORLD HOME CHEFS, and I’m a chef myself for 14 yrs!!! These women can make recipes from Argentina, to India, to China, to Lebanon, to the North Pole, back to the Mighty USA. You’ll not regret it!!

  4. Padmashree shrikant rao Reply

    Yes, They show wonderful recipes.

  5. Babli0257 Reply

    U definitely deserve it…. U r awesome…

  6. MyPancho1 Reply

    Very Nice, SMTC are wonderful, This recipe is particularly good (and I try almost all of them.)
    My vote is for Hetal and Anuja!

  7. Bhavna G Reply

    Awesome chefs!
    Best wishes..

  8. kakanpurni Reply

    They are the best! Their recipes are clear, concise, very easy to understand and always tasty. Anuja and Hetal also have very likable personalities and always stay to the point. They deserve to have a spot on ABC, by all means. Can’t wait to see them there.

  9. Rhythm Joshi Reply

    Great recipe… I have made this once and my family loved this. SMTC ROCKS as always !!!!

  10. jeevithemals Reply

    U are v good. U’r videos are very lucid, that even a novice could easily follow. Wish u the very best.

  11. J Khan Reply


  12. gloworm25 Reply

    My fave cooks

  13. Yati Tandon Reply

    Love all recipies from showmethe curry.. you go girls !!

  14. Poorvi Jawaria Reply

    Awesome chefs! They must must host the show!

  15. nikkigr8 Reply

    Anuja & Hetal definitely know what they do…they are very innovative,creative and never compromise on the taste buds even whilst they advocate healthy food.they rock.definitely deserve to win and we would love to watch them on tv!

  16. Gayatri Rao Reply

    Fabulous… I love Show Me the curry. Both Anuja and Hetal are fabulous…They are very meticulous, wonderful in explanation, detail oriented, great presentation.. Yea I would definitely vote for them..

  17. nanaverm Reply

    Recipe Rehab judges, please consider that Hetal and Anuja have even more personality on their other videos, where they don’t seem as stressed about the competition. They are great cooks and their instructions and explanations are very clear. They have a large online following and would be great on Recipe Rehab!

  18. aparaajita10 Reply

    Yes, you do have it…to be the next Recipe Rehab chefs

  19. aparaajita10 Reply

    Great recipe

  20. Nisha Kuruvilla Reply

    Absolutely! Hetal and Anuja are very talented cooks and have presented some amazing recipes on their site. Ive tried a couple of their recipes and have never been disappointed. Looking forward to watching them on Recipe Rehab.

  21. SKSrealm Reply

    I have been a follower of Hetal & Anuja’s cooking videos and both of them are awesome cooks. They show us a simpler version of all the recipes which are easier to cook and tasty too!

    Hats off to both of them!!!

  22. Keith Shedron Reply

    These two ladies are

  23. niti shah Reply

    Goodluck Hetal and Anuja,
    I have tried bunch of your recipes and they are simply awesome.
    Hope to see you on recipe rehab.

  24. Toni Alicea Reply

    Hetal and Anuja proved my argument about Szechuan cooking. You don’t need ketchup!
    Thank you ladies. Hope to see you on Recipe Rehab.

  25. sowmya2509 Reply

    Hetal and Anuja are great cooks and I have tried most of their recipes. They really really deserve to be on Recipe Rehab.
    Goodluck Hetal & Anuja!

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